Joachim Rathmann will be leading our discussion on the theme:

“Timefullness: The Geological Sublime in an Age of Environmental Crises.”

Monday the 30th of October at 5:30 pm Eastern Time.

Cupids Retreat

The inaugural meeting of the WGEA is to be held in Cupids, in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Cupids, founded in 1612 by the English, is one of the oldest European settlements in “the New World.” The purpose of the inaugural in-person meeting is to create the team spirit and establish the collegial relations necessary for long-term collaborative research across three continents. The location of Cupids has been chosen because of its proximity to Memorial University as well as its cultural-historical significance and for the obvious natural beauty of the environment of Conception Bay North. We shall make use of the Cupids Legacy centre for our meetings.(

The program will consist of three days of a gentle cycle of meetings, meals, and excursions. For the meetings, members will prepare a brief presentation of research interests and to say something about what they hope to contribute and to gain from the project. If you have something substantial you would like to share with us, a position paper or outline for research, please feel free to do so. We shall take 45 minutes for each presentation.

For the excursions, we shall be walking the hiking trails around Cupids, picking berries and mushrooms, and hiking the hill to the Hermitage, my off-grid home. There we shall prepare mid-day meals and continue informal discussions. Evening meals will be catered in Cupids.

Date: August 23-26, 2023