Uwe Voigt

Having studied philosophy, psychology and Catholic theology at the Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg, Germany and for one year at Innsbruck University, Austria, Uwe Voigt received his PhD in Bamberg with a dissertation on the concept of history in John Amos Comenius. At the same institution, he did his “Habilitation” (second major thesis) on information terminology in the light of Aristotle’s concept of the soul. Uwe Voigt now holds a chair of analytic philosophy and philosophy of science at Augsburg University, Germany. From this position, he has contributed to an academic partnership with the Memorial University of Newfoundland for more than a decade, becoming an Adjunct Professor there.

Contemplating classical topics of philosophy with methods from philosophical analysis and phenomenology, Uwe Voigt investigates the intersections between philosophy of mind, especially panpsychism, and environmental philosophy, viewing environmental aesthetics as a place where the crossroads meet.

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