Stefanie Voigt

Stefanie Voigt studied art history and philosophy at Otto-Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany. At the same time, she worked as painter and Baroque harp player. Also in Bamberg, she received her PhD in psychology with a work on the “secret of the beautiful”. At the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, she did her “Habilitation” (second major thesis) with a study on the concept of the sublime. Both theses were awarded prizes for academic excellence.

She teaches at several universities (also of applied science), including the Centre of Excellence for Total Productive Management (CETPM) in Herrieden, Germany, is an Adjunct Professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and a member of the Nuremberg Institute of Sustainability, and has founded the Business Aesthetics Academy which is dedicated to the mediation of values through an interdisciplinary theory of aesthetics.

Stefanie Voigt’s work is centered in theory and practice on importance of aesthetics for the understanding of consciousness, for a meaningful human life and for sustainable processes in society and economy.

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